We want always our loyal customer to be satisfied and so we try to give the best priority to our customer satisfaction. So we offer 72 hours money back guarantee to our those clients who placed an order first time or using our service first time and those are unhappy with our services.

To get the refund, you have to show a valid reason as to why you are dissatisfied with our service. If have valid reason then you have to give us some time to solve your problem if we fail then only money back working.

Remember the setup fee will not be refunded. The refund request will be considered after the plan activation within 7 days and after that the refund requested will be considered as invalid.

The following points will NOT be accepted for asking refunds:

  • I am not getting download/upload speed. (The download/upload speeds depends on many factors which are not in our hands).
  • I ordered by mistake.
  • I changed my mood, I don’t want RDP
  • I don’t know how to use the VPS/RDP Serve (We will help, just contact us)
  • Hacking/Bruteforcing/Spamming/Cracking Tools are not allowed hence I want refund.
  • I ordered the wrong plan mistakenly. (Contact us and we will change the plan without any extra cost)
  • I was out of station/Vacation and was not able to use your server.
  • No refund will be given if you violate our TOS.
  • This refund policy does not apply on Dedicated servers.

Note: If you do not agree with the above refund rules, please DO NOT place any order. If you open a dispute without any reason or after using our service, than no refund will be make in any case as well as your service will also be terminated. You have to accept our TOS and Refund Policy while placing order. For information, PayPal refunds you on the basis of our refund policy.